Dalco Point, Inc.
  • Dalco Point specializes in efficient and sustainable solutions for wastewater, water and solids treatment and reuse, Design build for reuse or waste-to-energy plants, Climate risk evaluations and solutions, Water conservation and water safety plans, Cost effective site evaluations, retro-fits and clean-up
  • Contact: Paul Bulson, pbulson@dalcopoint.com
Biotechnics International Ltd.
  • Biotechnics specializes in Environmental Planning, Environmental & Social Impact Assessment and Mitigation to IFC Performance Standards, HSES Management Systems, Inspections & Audits, Biodiversity Management Plans & Offsets, Local Ecological Knowledge Studies & Bio-­physical Surveys.
  • Contact: Randal Glaholt, rdglaholt@yahoo.com
Headwater Strategy Group Ltd.
  • Headwater Strategy Group specializes in strategic analysis and leading multi-party processes for regional development, sustainable resource and environmental management. Its clients included international oil and gas and forestry companies, aboriginal organizations, regional and federal governments in Canada.
  • Contact:  Thomas Stubbs, thom.stubbs@headwatergroup.ca
Oxigon IT Solutions Co. Ltd.
     is an innovative information technology consulting company specializing in software and web-based solutions for health care, safety and environment.  Oxygen also provides Banking and Financial Management Software, and Hospital Management Software for all aspects of the business environment.
  • Contact: Tejas Shah, talktejas@gmail.com
Environmental Quality Management Co. Ltd.
  • EQM specializes in air quality monitoring and environmental, social and health management consultant.
  • Contact: Ohnmar , ohnmarmay@eqmmyanmar.com

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