IEM has successfully completed projects in the following core areas:

  • Environmental, Social and Health Impact Assessments complete environmental, social and health impact assessment studies (ESHIAs) including risk assessment, monitoring, mitigation and socio-economics, and stakeholder engagement.
  • Environmental Management Systems – EMS tailoring and implementation (ISO 14001); environmental awareness training.
  • Environmental Site Assessment and Remediation – due diligence, site characterization; bench-scale testing; pilot-scale testing; evaluation of remediation alternatives; full-scale clean-up of contaminated sediments; groundwater and soils; environmental and health risk assessments; in situ bioremediation and ex situ remediation; reactive capping.
  • Environmental and Natural Resource Management – ecological assessment, management plans, integrated resource management; integrated conservation and development (ICDP); co-management and participatory approaches; conservation of biodiversity; protected areas and landscapes; land use and resource planning, strategies, policies and legislation; sustainable management and use; ecosystem and population surveys and monitoring.
  • Environment, Health and Safety – Regulatory compliance audits in occupational health & safety, industrial hygiene and environmental standards; EHS manual development; chemical emergency response planning services; EHS training programs, contingency planning, HAZOP and process hazard assessments. Corporate Social Responsibility - helping clients develop proactive solutions and best practices in their industry to achieve positive results on CSR, preparation of external social performance reports, setting up stakeholder review panels, labour audits, social audits and other CSR management approaches.
  • Waste Water Treatment - IEM applies Biomicrobics and Wes Tech wastewater treatment technologies to provide solutions for our clients new and expanding developments in industry and housing developments.
  • Clean Energy Technology – assessment and provision of clean energy technology, including feasibility studies.

For more information, please send an email to ron@iem-global.com and we will be happy to send you a complete Statement of Qualfications.

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